Project Correspondence - One

by Leon van Bokhorst & Thuck Wormeinster

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Project Correspondence is exactly what the name implies. We are two musicians from different parts of the world, separated by a distance of 5,364 miles or 9,067 kilometers. Speaking different languages, living in different cultures, with different musical tastes. Our music interests over lap in several areas but often times I think we see the same place from different vantage points, and that is what makes things so interesting. We haven’t heard each other voices up to this point. We have “talked” through emails and social media. We are two like minded individuals getting to know each other through sound. Collaboration being the highest form of communication. We are pen pals of the highest order.

Our process came about quite simply and organically. Each track started with a sound; a loop, a field recording. It is a greeting or salutations of sorts. It served as the conversation starter. The recipient would then build upon the sounds much like a conversation we go back and forth building upon the sounds and the track would grow naturally until we felt we had said what we had to say.

The tracks on this EP are short and to the point. There is no room for fat, no room for stretching things out and letting them breathe. We get to the point, to the marrow of it. It kept the conversations concise and focused. Really it has be a great way to get to know someone especially someone who hears in such a unique way.


released October 19, 2016



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